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Social Media A social media presence is vital to visibility and having a competitive edge. Our specialist social media management services are designed specifically for law firms, legal organisations and individual lawyers. Our services take into account professional conduct rules, commercial sensitivities, conflicts and confidentiality that are specific to law firms.

All content decisions are researched and made by our team of senior lawyers, who have either practiced or held senior management positions in large, international law firms or beenlegal academics. We are also able to manage the social media accounts of law firms, legal organisations and individual lawyers based anywhere in the world.

As far as we are aware, no other commercial social media management service is designed specifically for lawyers and carried out by lawyers. Please note that we strongly believe in organic reach and genuine followers and therefore do not recommend commercially purchased followers.

Creation and Launch of Social Media Accounts Price in £
(VAT 20% not included)
Facebook Company Page £100
LinkedIn Company Page * £100
Twitter Company Page £50
Instagram Not Available Yet

*Provided that the firm is able to fulfil LinkedIn’s prerequisites for a company page.
Depending on the level of your firm’s experience with social media, the creation of these social media accounts can require initial discussions on the telephone or via email. We estimate that on average, the creation of your first account will require around 2 hours of your time in discussions/providing us with the information we need.

Management of Social Media Accounts Price in £
(VAT 20% not included)
Facebook £250/month
LinkedIn £300/month
Twitter £150/month
Instagram Not Available Yet

Where appropriate, posts will include a basic image. We charge a separate design fee for bespoke graphic design or firm specific photographs for specific posts.
To ensure a relevant, engaged social media platform, you must provide us with some photographs of events carried out within your firm from time to time and communicate with us on events or milestones. If you or your firm practices in specific areas of law, we will also closely follow news and developments in these areas of law to appropriately post on your accounts.
Our minimum service cycle is 3 months and payment will be required at the beginning of each 3-month cycle. A few weeks prior to the end of your service cycle, we will carry out withyou a short review of our services to discuss any amendments for the next service cycle, should you choose to renew.
Discounts are available for the engagement of all three platforms mentioned above at £600 + vat per month.

Social Media Health Checks, Training and Policies Price in £
(VAT 20% not included)
Heath Checks include a review of your existing social media presence, suggestions for amendments and training £180 per platform
Professional LinkedIn Pages (i.e. Individual profile not company profile) Ask for a Quote
In-House Social Media Policy £200

All prices shown here are subject to change.

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