Legal and Business Content

Legal and Business Content

Our legal and business writers are all high level professionals with extensive experience in the world of law and/or business. We provide business and legal ghostwriting and content services both for organisations and for individuals. Our clients ask us to write their blogs, their social media output, thought leadership articles, entire magazines, press releases, white papers and marketing materials.

Our ghostwritten legal and business content has been published worldwide both as standalone magazines and in magazines, newspapers and on thought leadership websites. We also help our clients to plan and manage their legal and business content publishing schedules and we can advise on how to write for social media. We provide many of our clients with legal and business topic suggestions in their fields of expertise. Our rates for legal and business content and ghostwriting are competitive. Our legal and business content and ghostwriting services are bespoke; carefully crafted for each client.

Many of our clients have come to us with a single ghostwriting request. What started from a single ghostwriting request has developed in many cases to managing our clients entire legal and business content writing publishing schedules including strategy, topic suggestions, ghostwriting and social media planning.

Our clients have found that outsourcing their legal and business content to our legal and business writing services saves them time and money. In effect, our high level professionals can provide legal and business content faster, more efficiently and as a result, more cost effectively than our clients can do it inhouse. We can also provide legal and business writing training to your staff and can help supervise and provide feedback on their own legal and business writing.

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