"You may not recall everything that happens as you journey through life, but you will remember every person that provided a career opportunity for you. Be that opportunity provider."
Sangeet Kaur

Our Refer A Friend Scheme

Our legal recruitment team is always struck by how close-knit the legal profession really is. So many of our vacancies are filled by people we’ve found through word of mouth; friends recommending friends. We set up our Refer A Friend Scheme to give a little thank you to those people who recommend the right person to us.

If you’re looking at this page, maybe you know someone who is looking for a job or would be perfect for a role that you’ve seen advertised through us. Please give us a call.

We handle all levels of legal jobs from partnerships to paralegal roles. Confidentiality is everything to us. We are professional, discrete and ethical. We will treat your friend with respect and honesty. We will not put a candidate forward for a position, unless we are confident that the person is right for the role and the role is right for the person.

Through our Refer A Friend Scheme, we will handle your reference with complete discretion, and ensure that we treat your friend with the professionalism that they deserve. We bind ourselves to very high recruitment standards set by the recruitment industry and by the legal obligations of maintaining privacy and confidentiality.

How does the Refer A Friend Scheme work?

If you refer someone to us, who is successfully placed in one of the vacancies marked with the Refer A Friend badge, then we will give you:

£250 worth of Bonusbond vouchers

About Bonusbond Vouchers

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The Small Print

We try to keep the small print to a minimum. This is a thank you for you after all. However, there are some things that you need to know and do if you are to be eligible for the Bonusbond vouchers. Referring a friend to us means that we will contact them, using the contact details that you provide to us, about helping to place them in a new job. Passing on contact information must be done carefully so that we don’t impinge on anybody’s privacy. Please read our rules below carefully:

  • Before you plan to refer a friend to us, you need to ask their permission to do so. Please make sure that they know that we will process and store their contact details in accordance with our data protection obligations. By providing us with your friend’s contact details, you are letting us know that your friend has given you permission to do so and us permission to store and process their contact details. This is extremely important. DO NOT REFER A FRIEND TO US WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION.
  • You agree to indemnify us against any loss we might incur as a result of your referring a friend to us without their permission.
  • To refer a friend to us (once you have asked their permission) please fill in the Refer a Friend form – see example below using only contact details that your friend has given you permission to pass on to us. Please double check with your friend if they have given you their work email address to pass on to us.
  • By filling in the Refer a Friend form, you are giving us permission to process and store your data in accordance with our data protection obligations.
  • You can only refer a friend to us if you are an individual person (i.e. not an organisation), a legal resident in the UK and over 18.
  • You may only refer a friend not already on our database or who has not had a conversation with us for the last 6 months.
  • If we haven’t been able to place your friend in a job within 12 calendar months after we receive your referral, then you will not be eligible for the Bonusbond vouchers for that particular friend that you have referred to us.
  • We will send you the Bonusbond vouchers once the friend that you have referred to us has been in a job we have found them for 3 continuous calendar months.
  • We will notify you once we have sent the Bonusbond vouchers. We are not responsible for Bonusbond vouchers that are lost or delayed in the post.
  • We are not responsible for any loss, damage, taxes or charges that you incur as a result of your receipt or use of the Bonusbonds.
  • We reserve the right, for any reason, to withdraw our Refer A Friend Scheme at any time.
  • The Refer a Friend scheme only applies to roles with a gross annual salary exceeding £20,000.

Nominate a Charity

If you prefer to nominate a charity instead of receiving the Bonusbond vouchers, please let us know, and we will be happy to assist and donate the money to your chosen charity on your behalf.

Refer a Friend Now!

Most of our referrals come from candidates that we have actively worked with in the past who are happy to recommend their friends to us because they value our service and trust our approach. If you want to know more about how the Refer A Friend Scheme works, simply get in touch with us here

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