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Empty Interview Rooms: Squandered Opportunities
Empty Interview Rooms: Squandered Opportunities

Solicitors and legal professionals looking for new career opportunities, please take note.

Yet another candidate was rejected today because of a sparse LinkedIn profile. The candidate was otherwise excellent on paper and potentially a good fit for a vacancy in an expanding law firm. It did not matter that they had high academic achievements, nor that they had years of solid grounding from a Legal 500 firm. Neither did it matter that the candidate’s references were from well-established senior Solicitors or key legal academics.

Increasingly, hiring managers are “checking out” candidates before they arrive for interviews. The checks are 360o and across all social media platforms. The practice is becoming commonplace. As more law firms modernise and become social media savvy, they like to engage with their peers and their clients on social media. In rejecting the candidate before the interview day, the message was clear and simple: “We cannot bring ourselves to interview someone who is ‘professionally absent’ in the social media space.”

I fully agree. There is simply no excuse for a lackluster professional image on social media these days. If you are reading this, then great – it means you have a profile and are already a step ahead of those that do not. However, make sure your profile is complete and you actively engage with others on a professional level. Show your human side. Show your professional side. Staying quiet in the shadows or only liking comments will not get you far. ENGAGE!

If you are shy or an introvert, help is out there. It is still possible to achieve a great professional brand with the help of LinkedIn experts or professional mentors.

This advice comes from working at the recruitment coalface. A strong candidate missed out, today, on what could have been an ideal career move simply for the want of a complete LinkedIn profile.

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