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Bespoke Candidate Placement
Bespoke Candidate Placement

At Lex Conscientia, we like to offer services tailored to the needs of our clients. In the recruitment field, we source exceptional candidates for our law firm clients, whether for permanent, temporary or fee-sharing roles and we are also proud to offer a bespoke placement service to select candidates.

What this Means

Recruitment is a two-way process and whilst most roles are advertised in the traditional way to source applicants, we also like to turn the tables and approach leading firms on a speculative basis on behalf of our candidates. We have had considerable success in placing candidates this way and many firms welcome the savings in time and money that a targeted approach like this can bring: the best legal talent brought to them without many of the complications of the traditional recruitment model.

From our pool of high-calibre lawyers, we work with candidates to target leading firms in the UK and overseas proactively. Working to a candidate’s brief, and drawing upon our own extensive network of connections, we approach firms in a given geographical area that we consider to be the best fit for the individual. Having practised law ourselves, we are adept at highlighting a candidate’s strengths succinctly and in a way that resonates with hiring managers.

We assist candidates at every step in their dealings with law firms, from securing the initial interview, providing guidance and advice along the way, through to negotiating the terms of an engagement.

Don’t Delay

If you are currently seeking a new position, why wait for the right opportunity to be advertised when you can ask Lex Conscientia to source a bespoke opportunity for you? Send your CV to recruitment@lexconscientia.co.uk today and let us propel your legal career to new heights.

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