I returned to the legal profession, September 2018, as a solicitor following a 24 year career break, thanks to Matthew sourcing me a position. Whilst Matthew secured this for me in a short period of time, it required him to find a creative approach to overcome the barrier that this length of a break presents. Matthew specifically tailored his approach to me as an individual and gave me constant, patient and sensible counsel throughout the various stages of the recruitment process. I would urge anyone thinking of returning to a career to have a chat with him, sooner rather than later. His advice will be invaluable.
Camilla Bindra-Jones, Solicitor
JC Solicitors, UK
I cannot thank Matthew enough for helping me to secure my current role. It had proved to be quite the search given the fact that I had stepped out of the (legal) profession for a while. Matthew was persistent, thorough and kept me updated with every step. I would not hesitate to recommend him to other "Returners" as well as my wider contact base.
Yetunde Ajayi, Solicitor
As a client of Lex Conscientia for over 2 years, I can attest to … how you handle briefs to suit the needs of your clients. Way to go Sangeet Kaur! We are fortunate to have found you and your firm.
M.Ravi, International Human Rights Lawyer
Matthew has taken a very thorough approach to helping me identify the best next step in my career. He has taken time to understand my current situation and identify all of the options available to me. He has stood out from other recruiters by always providing detailed information, feedback and support.
Len Mann, Consultant Solicitor
I would really like to thank Matthew for finding me my new role. He is lovely and a professional; ever so helpful. I will not hesitate to put other future contacts through to him.
Elizabeth Olaitan Bamigboye, Consultant Solicitor
Taylor Rose TTKW, UK
I could not have asked for a better mentor than Sangeet Kaur, whose continuous support and guidance made a huge difference not only in my applications for legal positions but also in strategically planning my legal career path. You have been an inspiration!
Aurelija Grubyte, Student
Lancaster University, UK
Matthew is a fantastic recruiter. Proactive, honest, personal and certainly creative. He takes the time to actually know his clients and their needs. Highly recommend him to anyone trying to find that next step in their career.
Michal Freeman-Shor, Solicitor
I was very impressed by Matthew's tenacity and commitment to finding a role that would suit my particular requirements. He certainly went the extra mile to find something suitable and was also helpful in identifying what I wanted and what roles may not suit. It wasn't just a case of finding anything rather he helped me to persevere to find what I really wanted - for which I am grateful! I am happy to recommend Matthew as a very proactive recruiter who takes an interest in you and works hard to secure a position. He keeps trying and his persistence gets results.
Nicky Gough
Lighthouse Mediation, UK
I have no hesitation in thoroughly endorsing and recommending Matthew, at Lex Conscientia, who I confidently rank as one of the best legal recruiters I have ever come across – and I am discriminating when it comes to such matters.
In truth many of my best employment experiences have come from direct approaches to a firm or consultancy. The few times when a job move didn’t turn out as advertised, I could often, with the benefit of hindsight, trace it back to the empty and self-serving rhetoric of the recruiter. There was none of this extraneous noise with Matthew.
Matthew, as a solicitor himself, possesses a light but effective touch and was able to identify what I wanted after in effect teasing my career plans out of me in a way which made me think seriously about relocating away from the legal centre of London – a great quality. Critically, Matthew also had the connections, ideas and flair to solve my historical problem of getting in front of Irish firms of high calibre. Eventually and over what seemed like a natural amount of time required to resolve on the best course of action, Matthew produced a road map to get my legal career to where it needed to be. It probably helped all round that I had spent the previous 3 years specialising and getting tooled up in a relatively new legal growth sector.
We made contact in mid-2017 and firstly investigated the option of maintaining my limited company as a contracting solicitor or going back into the world of private practice. Over the months we resolved upon the fact that the burgeoning Dublin market was the optimal solution. Work and where you choose to do it is a serious business for me and I will always be ever so grateful I came a across a genuine and righteous recruitment outfit such as Lex Conscientia.
I wish you all continued success and specifically best wishes as you continue your foray into the wonderful Irish legal market.
Patrick McNeill, Legal Review Analyst
A&L Goodbody, Ireland
We use the services of Catherine Flutsch and Lex Conscientia to assist in our thought leadership strategy and have no hesitation in strongly recommending her as an efficient and safe pair of hands.
M. Denmead
Barr Ellison Solicitors, UK
Sangeet is a living knowledge bank of law firm best practices in a range of support roles such as KM, BD and social media management. A growing law firm's true friend.
M. Ravi, Head of KM and Strategic Alliance
Eugene Thuraisingam LLP, Singapore
We were very happy with the work that the consultants at Lex Conscientia did for us. Their work was of an extremely high standard, pertinent, commercially pragmatic and delivered in clear, plain English.
Head of Legal (former)
Royal Shakespeare Company, UK
We advise and help clients structure large, complex outsourcing arrangements and generate multi-faceted commercial agreements. Lex Conscientia has been our go-to-resource for contract review and interpretation because they are thorough, easy to work with, and deliver on-time.
Peter P., CEO
FineLine Advisors, USA
I have engaged Sangeet and her firm on many occasions from letter writing to website content development. I must say she is brilliant in her field and recommend her services to anyone - also a very trusted person.
Stephen B.
Professional, punctual, engaging, willing to listen and challenge … an absolute delight. Far more than a legal “writer”. Lex Conscientia can do true legal research and solutioning, a true expert.
Brian M.
As a non-legally trained professional in the maritime sector, I sometimes require cutting-edge research on legal topics. Lex Conscientia has been thorough and exemplary in helping me provide all the support and research required.
R.S., Maritime Professional