Client Projects

Client Projects

Our clients love us because of our responsive, quality and bespoke approach to their projects. We have clients all over the world who keep coming back to us. For us, that is the best testament to the quality of our work and our professionalism.

A selection of our recent projects include:
  • Strategic Planning & Advice and Set Up of a New Department/Practice Group
  • Paralegal Support on Drafting a Legal Opinion for a Corporate Guarantee
  • Social Media Management of a Law Firm based in the Caribbeans
  • Assisted on the writing of a Country Report oped piece for a lawyer reporting on legal developments
  • Placement of a Legal Cashier in a South West UK law firm
  • Social Media Partner for a human rights based organisation “Singapore Anti-Death Penalty Campaign”
  • Leading the roll-out of a “Doing Business” themed series of seminars in Hong Kong for a law firm
  • Assisting with branding and launch event of a new international law firm to be based in Myanmar
  • Ghostwriting for a Law Firm’s newsletter - Data Protection & Privacy
  • Social Media Management of a Law Firm based in South East Asia
  • Drafting responses for pre-interview questions for a Lawyer Feature article
  • Document review for an eCommerce-based lifestyle business
  • Successful placement of two Back to Law returners in locum roles, with one subsequently offered a permanent role
  • Current awareness alerts for a law firm in Indonesia
  • Speech text for an introductory video for a law firm
  • Successful placement of a Back to Law returner with a career gap of over 20 years
  • Content writing for a Money Remittance Business
  • Drafting of a Book Ghostwriting Agreement
  • Bespoke Placement of a Legal Review Analyst into a Leading Irish Law Firm
  • Drafting of Employment Agreements for Staff in a Yoga Studio
  • Social Media Management for a Start up Law Firm
  • Draft & Review of a Boat Rental Agreement
  • Placement of a Fee-Sharing Solicitor in an well-established UK law firm with regional offices
  • Drafting of an entire suite of template legal documents and contracts for use by an events management company
  • Strategic advice for a start-up legal events & training provider
  • Social media management for a mid-sized law firm
  • Research on the law governing credit agency practices in the USA
  • Negotiation support for landscape design firm
  • Social media strategy for large, outsourcing vendor
  • Legal intranet review for large arts organisation
  • Social media strategy for large, outsourcing vendor
  • Document Redrafting and Paralegal Support on a Suite of Legal Agreements
  • Creation of a Client Newsletter Format for a Law Firm
  • Paralegal & letter writing services for a business in UK
  • Professional Letter Writing Support for the Purposes of Presenting a Bid in UK
  • Ghost writing law firm blogs on a wide variety of legal topics for leading medium sized law firms throughout the world, including in Australia, the United Kingdom and North America
  • Supporting work pitches/beauty parades for a leading medium sized firm in the UK
  • Supporting a company (including research and analysis) to investigate the viability of a certain investment in the Asia Pacific region
  • Uber paralegal services for a leading asset management company in Australia
  • Providing thought leadership to leading mid-sized law firms to increase their public profile including ghost writing articles on cutting edge legal topics
  • Design of publicity materials for leading mid-sized firm
  • Support and advice on disputes with government departments in North America


It would only be right that I practice what I preach. I help clients gain more traction overseas by making them more visible globally. Likewise, my own professional support services for law firms and lawyers have till date reached 10 countries. These are Australia, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Malaysia, Myanmar, Republic of Ireland, Singapore, United Kingdom and United States.

World Client Projects