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Our uber paralegal service

Drafting, negotiation and navigating red tape

Our team has a high level of experience as lawyers in top Magic Circle firms. We can bring this expertise to you at a fraction of the cost. Your work is carried out by senior people who have the experience to do the work as quickly and efficiently as possible. We use the same databases that the leading law firms use and have access to the same types of standard forms and templates. Indeed, some of our team used to draft templates for Magic Circle firms. We use virtual offices and internet communications to keep our costs down. We do not charge you by the hour. We negotiate a reasonable, fixed fee, which will always be cheaper than your lawyer. You will know how much our work will cost, before we even start.

What we do not do, however, is give legal advice. To ensure that your work is legally enforceable, you will need to get a practising lawyer to sign off on our work.


Are you having a dispute with somebody? Do you need somebody to sift through a pile of communications and write a plain English letter including all the relevant facts? Do you need somebody to help you structure an argument?

Our non practising lawyers can help you draft letters that will put your point of view forward clearly and succinctly. Our negotiated fees are always reasonable and clear. You will know how much you have to pay before we even start the job. To ensure that your work is legally enforceable, you will need to get a practising lawyer to sign off on our work.

First Drafts of Agreements

We can draft the first draft of agreements, for you to get signed off on by your lawyers. Our first drafts can be done at a fraction of the cost of having your lawyers do them. Your work will be done by a senior person, with access to the same databases used by the leading law firms. We used to draft for the best law firms in the world. Now let us draft for you at a fraction of the cost!
You will need to get our first draft signed off by a practising lawyer.


We offer a negotiation service. If you are trying to negotiate an agreement with a contractor, distributor or are in a dispute with somebody and are trying to come to an agreement, we can help negotiate for you. You can just give us your instructions and we will negotiate on your behalf, giving you access to senior, experienced negotiators. We provide this service on the understanding that it is a paralegal service only. We do not provide legal advice.

Red Tape

Do you have to submit documents in relation to some bureaucratic deadline? Are you trying to bid for some work and have to fill in a long pitch document? Do you need someone to put together a huge number of appendices? We can take the burden from you. Tell us what you need and we can help you from advising on which documents you need to putting together the whole project for you. We will also tell you exactly how much it will cost, before we even start.

Legal and Business Research

Do you need to find out some information about a sector or some legal topic? Our experienced team of former Magic Circle lawyers can do the research for you.


Do you have a number of different advisers that want to talk to you everyday. Let us coordinate all your advisers and distil all the information into plain English, which we can communicate to you at whatever frequency and whichever way is convenient to you.

Doing business in different cultures

Our team members have lived and worked in many jurisdictions in the Asia Pacific region. We can help you negotiate your way through doing business in the Asia Pacific region and help draft and negotiate supporting documents.