About Us

About University

Our Name

“Lex” the Latin word for law
“Conscientia” the Latin word for knowledge or consciousness

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to finding simple, effective and pragmatic solutions to support those who work with the law.

What We Do

Law Firms
Business Development | Change Management | Knowledge Management | Learning and Development | Compliance | Mentoring | Recruitment | Research | Thought Leadership | Uber Paralegals – drafting and negotiation | Legal Writing Services

Legal Academics
Research | Proofreading & Editing Services | Book Reviews | Project Management for Research

Uber Paralegals | Drafting | Business Plans | Research | Understanding and Interpretation of the Law | Business Development | Change Management | Mentoring | Thought Leadership | Start –Up and Entrepreneur Support

Recruitment (for individuals working in the legal field) | Research | Mentoring | Special Projects | Proofreading & Editing Services (for law students)

How We Work

We practise what we preach. We use cutting edge knowledge management tools and techniques to work as efficiently as possible. We make intelligent use of virtual offices and internet based communications to keep our costs to a minimum. We prefer to negotiate a fixed fee rather than charge by the hour as we find this keeps us efficient and focused.

Our work has been so unique that each project for our clients has been completely bespoke and original and we have not had to use stand forms or templates, though we do not object to using them when appropriate.

We are not afraid to let you know if we do not have the necessary expertise to carry out a particular project. Our role as your trusted adviser is to help you find the expertise that you need, even if that is not us. In fact, our team has high level experience in coordinating expertise across numerous jurisdictions and presenting findings in plain English.

Where We Work

We have a physical presence in the United Kingdom and our staff are located in Oxford, London, Northern Ireland, Kent and Bristol. Our use of technology allows us to work with clients across the globe. Indeed, many of our clients take advantage of the time differences to allow us to provide extremely fast turnaround for urgent matters. Should any of the work we do in UK require face-time meetings, we will gladly come to you.

Where Our Clients are Based

Most of the services we provide can be delivered remotely. Our clients pick us for our expertise and not on where we are based. This has meant that our services have reached several different countries around the globe. We now serve clients in 7 countries. They are in Australia, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Singapore, United Kingdom and United States.

Our Networks

We have a firm belief in the networks and relationships that we have built over time. We provide exclusive legal recruitment services for and on behalf of NationalSolicitors.com for UK job vacancies for their member law firms. We also work closely with other legal recruiters in UK and in Asia on a co-sharing basis to place candidates in suitable roles. We also work closely with law firms in UK and globally to introduce them to our clients who are seeking specialist legal advice in the jurisdictions that they need assistance in.