Focus on Lawyering

Professional Support for Small to Mid-sized Law Firms

Lex Conscientia gives you access to the level of professional support formerly only available to large, international firms. Our extremely low overheads (we use a virtual office) are reflected in our competitive prices.

Our team is made up of senior, former Magic Circle lawyers. Our fees are fixed. You will always know how much to pay before we start work.

All this means that you now have access to experienced, senior, former Magic Circle lawyers to support you at a price that is surprisingly affordable.

Legal Research & Ghostwriting

We carry out all types of writing for lawyers and law firms. We work with time-poor lawyers and executives to help build their thought leadership profile in law and management. This includes researching and writing up cutting-edge topics to enhance reputation.

We also draft marketing brochures, website content, proposals and award submissions. Our writing has been published in newspapers, magazines, journals and as stand-alone reports. Our work has been published in Europe, America and the Asia-Pacific region.

We have recently passed a special milestone. In January 2017, we reached 100 pieces published on behalf of our clients.

Paralegal Support

We provide law firms and individual lawyers with paralegal support on a project-by-project basis. All of our paralegal support team are senior, non-practising lawyers.

Social Media Management

We design, develop and manage social media platforms for law firms. The team developing your social media content is made up of former, senior Magic Circle lawyers. Consequently, our clients do not have to worry about inadvertent social media gaffes arising from posted content that falls foul of issues specific to legal practice such as conflict, confidentiality or sensitivity.

We also have designers on our team that can create bespoke graphics for your social media posts.

Legal Recruitment

We are the only legal professional support organisation that also has a recruitment arm. We help law firms find the right candidate. We help candidates find the right law firm. We deal with all levels of legal recruitment right up to partnership and senior management.

Lex Conscientia is an Affiliate Member of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals. We are the exclusive providers of legal recruitment to

As at the date of publication, our rates are the most competitive on the market.

Knowledge Management

Our team has a deep understanding of knowledge management for law firms. If your lawyers are spending too much time searching for the information they need to do their jobs, then our award-winning legal knowledge management specialists can develop appropriate, pragmatic and cost-effective processes to support your lawyers working as efficiently as possible. Our work pays for itself in cost savings.

Learning and development

We create bespoke Learning and development strategies for law firms. We also design and deliver specific training seminars including those on:
  • Plain legal language drafting;
  • Plain legal language speaking;
  • Negotiation skills;
  • Networking skills; and
  • Legal research.

Business development and events management

We create bespoke strategies for business development including designing events to attract your target audience. We develop events for law firms. We also consult for events management companies that need advice on cutting-edge legal topics for event themes.

Bespoke projects

We carry out bespoke projects for clients on a fixed-fee basis. Our past projects have included:
  • redesigning a large organisation’s intranet;
  • designing, delivering and writing up a national survey on a legal management topic;
  • designing and creating a logo (trade mark) and slogan for a legal organisation; and
  • developing and delivering the strategy to introduce a new practice group to the market for a large law firm.